I stumbled across a brave WordPress coder who has actually posted an open request for suggested plugins. Here’s my contribution:

Here’s a thought. It seems CRAZY that the world is full of people downloading WP plugins from one server only to re-upload them to another (i.e. from the plugin site, to the local machine, back up to blog hosting server).

So how about something that installs WordPress plugins directly onto the blog server (bypassing the local site) and allows server-side customization of php files.

Maybe this is something to do via a browser extension that each user customizes with the info for her own server. Then if she finds a plugin she wants to install out there in the big world, she right clicks on the download to tell it to copy directly to her server directory.

And ideally there would also be a plugin for WP-Admin that would allow editing of PHP files from within the Dashboard (heck, that would be awesome even with a direct upload feature).

D’oh! That’s what the built-in Plugin Editor does! (The other tab under Plugins.)

Probably obvious from this that I’m not a coder, but I’m doing enough WordPress customization that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to suggest a plugin!