On May 16th, I’m turning off…

1. My hair dryer (so no cracks about the ‘do, ok?)

2. All the #@*!!## beeping, noisy kids’ toys in our house. Let them play with carbon neutral, quiet blocks for the day.

3. My TV. I can read the American Idol results online. 😉

Why would I live without all that electrical goodness, even for one day?

Because May 16th is “Turn It Off! BC” — a day for people across the province to turn off their lights and other non-essential electronic and electrical devices. We’re going to show the world that BC-ers don’t just talk the talk on sustainability — we’re prepared to talk in the dark.

Please join me by:

1. Forwarding this message to three (or more) of your Facebook friends (instructions below)

2. Joining the Turn It Off! BC Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2263583834&ref=mf

3. Taking the Turn It Off! pledge at http://30daysofsustainability.com/pledge

To turn YOUR friends off….

1. Select this message (everything down to where it says THANKS!), copy it, and then hit the “share” link (above if you’re reading this in a profile, below if it’s a message in your inbox).

2. Choose the “send a message” tab, and paste this text into the body of your message.

3. Edit the list at the top of this message to replace one of my pledges with your own (or replace all 3 items).

4. Enter the names of 3 of your friends in the “To” field (Facebook will help fill it in), slap on a subject line (“Can you turn it off?”) and hit “send”.

And while you’re at it, why not post to your profile or your wall, too?