I’m pleased to announce a new member of our family. That’s right, I finally got a Treo.
The big motivation was its time-saving potential. Forget the miraculous possibility of checking e-mail while in transit; I’m excited about all the time that will be liberated now that I can stop my relentless comparison of the Treo, Sidekick, and Mythical Perfect Device (mythical perfect device is not unlike the Treo but with a better camera and maybe a better phone).

Of course, whatever time I gain by ending my obsessive research into cell/pdas will (in the short run) be obscured by the time lost to Treoifying my life. I can see this could be the gateway to a veritable herd of shaved yaks: after all, if I’m about to move my life to the Treo, isn’t this the moment to actually delete or file the 2000 already-read emails in my inbox? And the moment for me to reorganize my Entourage categories? Or the moment to dump Entourage for Mail/iCal? Or Basecamp? Or some killer tag-based, rss-enabled all-in-one contact/calendar/task manager?

I’m going to have to start by poking around to see how other rss & tag-obessessed Mac users have chosen to organize their Treo use. And I would be delighted to hear use stories and suggestions.