The beta Technorati makeover is now online and hurrah! it includes RSS feeds for tag pages. These feeds will make it much easier for people to aggregate blog-related content from across the web by subscribing to a particular tag feed — either within a newsreader like Bloglines or for republishing on a web site news aggregator (like the one that Bryght runs on its Drupal CMS).

Technorati’s tag feeds will be a great boon to the folks who are already using tagging as a collaboration tool, like the non-profit technology community that has adopted the tag . Nptech will now have an RSS feed that aggregates blog posts with the nptech category/tag.

Note that while Flickr, and Furl links are included in Technorati’s own tag pages, these links are not included in the feed. But that’s just as well since you can get RSS feeds directly from those sites, and not everyone will want to aggregate photos and links along with blog posts.

Depending on update times this could be the way to handle the event tagging challenges that Carolyn Minor brought up last week.