Since Technorati does not yet provide RSS feeds on its tag pages, I’ve been looking for an alternate way of subscribing to RSS feeds for particular blog categories/tags (the way I subscribe to tag feeds). The happy discovery is that Feedster supports tag-based searches.

Here’s how to set up an RSS feed that aggregates all blog posts filed with a common category name, such as “Cyberculture”.
1. Set up a free Feedster account, and log in.
2. Use the Feedster search field to search on whatever search term you’d like. In this case, the search string should read “tag:cyberculture”.
3. From the results page, select “Subscribe to search” in the upper right-hand corner.
4. Select the text in the “Feed URL” field, and select copy (ctrl-C or cmd-C on a mac).
5. Open your preferred aggregator/newsreader — in my case, bloglines. Select “add feed” and paste the copied URL into the field that asks for “Blog or Feed URL”, then click subscribe.

Voila! A tag-based feed of blog content that has been categorized or tagged with your preferred keyword.