I'm coming out: I'm an American Idol fan. I'm guessing that the reason for my fandom may be at the heart of the show's popularity: I would LOVE to get up on stage and open my mouth and have a big, beautiful voice pour out of it.

As things stand, I can at best hope for half that equation (the standing up on stage half). And given that the only thing to pour out would be a fine, even at times kinda nice voice, but nothing special and nothing to hit the high notes with, I don't see myself getting up on stage anytime soon.

One of the great things about having young kids is that it has gotten me past my self-consciousness about my just-okay voice, and has me singing regularly for the first time in years. Not just the Raffi repertoire, either (though we do a mean Baby Beluga). Our daughter has a great Simon & Garfunkely repertoire from her father, and a decent command of the Broadway standards thanks to me.

But ten minutes at bedtime — and maybe another five in the shower — isn't cutting it. What I'd really like to do is petition to universe for do-over, and ask for an Idol-worthy set of pipes…not to be on American Idol, but to light up a local choir, or take a page from Opera Man and go cruising around the city a capella.

In the absence of the Universal Do-over, I want to start singing more, even within the constraints of my current instrument. Won't you join me? I'd love to see Vancouver turn into one giant, unselfconscious, slightly off-key streetscape.

If your answer is yes….sing it!