A little more guidance for those just getting started with RSS: some more step-by-step advice on adding RSS feeds to your Bloglines account.

  1. When you’re on a site that you’d like to subscribe to, click on the “sub with Bloglines” button on your toolbar (the one you added in step 5, above); it should automatically find the RSS and/or Atom feeds available for that site.
  2. If Bloglines gives you a choice between RSS and Atom for a particular site, pick Atom.
  3. If Bloglines has trouble finding the feed for a site you want to subscribe to (i.e. if you get the message that “No feeds were found”), try clicking the “back” button on your browser and scanning that page for a link or button that says “RSS”, “Atom” or “XML”; then click that link. You’ll get a page that looks like a lot of text with some weird stuff in over on the left-hand side.
  4. Now click that “sub with Bloglines” bookmarklet again. This time it should find the feed no problem!