Last weekend I presented an Advanced Tools session at Blogher, which didn’t work out exactly as planned since we lost our Internet connection in minute 2 of the session. But the very generous and eager crowd bore with our reversion to flipcharts, and we made it through and I think helped folks get their minds around some of the possibilities of integrating RSS, tags, Flickr and into their blogging workflow.

We promised to follow up by posting some additional resources to our Advanced Tools session web page. We were going to demonstrate how you could add resources to the page via tags and RSS; our Internet outage meant that didn’t happen in the moment, but I’m going to keep to that vision by posting some additional resources via my own blog. That’s right, folks — if you’re reading this on the Advanced Tools page, you’ll be thrilled and amazed to discover that it got their automagically thanks to RSS plus this tag: . If you’re not reading this on the Advanced Tools page, please note that all you need to do in order to contribute your power blogging tips and links to the world of fabulous blogging women is to use the tag “powerbloghers” on, or include this bit of code in a blog post:
<a href=”” rel=”tag”>powerbloghers</a>

My introduction to tagging and social bookmarking

My introduction to using an RSS newsreader — a great tool for subscribing to tags as well as other news and information sources

My blog posts about using

For more notes on choosing tags see my blog post

To really geek out on issues around tagsonomies, “folksonomies”, and tag selection, check out this blog (full disclosure: I’m on this blog too):

And for event more, see:

Tools that make even more life-altering

The tag page on — tons of resources!