I’m having a little trouble with the difference between notes and posted items. I’m trying to set up my external blog (http://www.alexandrasamuel.com) to aggregate in my Facebook existence, and I’m not sure whether to aggregate Notes (pros: don’t have to post each note to my profile, so less work; cons: excludes bookmarks and photos) or Posted Items (pros: can include any content I want; con: I’m not sure I want to add every note/photo to my posted items.)

I’d love input from other folks on how they use posted items.

UPDATE: OK, I think the solution is to NEVER post a note. That way I can set my blog to aggregate both my Notes (i.e. my Facebook blog) and my Posted items (i.e. links/photos I’ve shared).

And I’m tagging “facebook” as a friend in this note, so I can see how my aggregator handles that inbound tag.