As promised, I’m picking 10 sites for my bookmark bar; in fact they’re pretty much there already. Here’s what I’m going to try to live off of for the next week, with no search and no typing addresses into the address bar:

  1. My blog’s admin page
  2. My page
  3. My Bloglines page (with links to all my blog and news sources)
  4. My web banking login
  5. My Yahoo groups page
  6. My spurls
  7. MyTelus
  8. The admin page for You’re It
  9. Omidyar
  10. MacFixit

I can already tell this is going to be annoying, despite the fact that I can reach about 98% of my web destinations via the first 3 links in my list alone. I suspect that the value of this exercise is going to turn out to be the discipline it imposes on my bookmarking. While I tend to use a lot for things that I want to read, I tend not to bookmark sites that I actually want to use — like my bank, my local movie info (via MyTelus), and Omidyar. This week may push me into bookmarking more sites and learning how to use my bookmarks more effectively.