Today’s online customer service award goes to Movie Central — that’s the (Western) Canadian equivalent of HBO.

I emailed the address listed on their web site last Monday (August 8th), as follows:

Subject: Six Feet Under season 5


I’ve somehow missed Season 5 of six feet under — I only just now
discovered that the season is almost over!! and it’s our whole reason
for subscribing to movie central, so i’m heartbroken. Can I ask when
you’re going to start showing season 5 again from the beginning so I
don’t miss it again?

Let me tell you, I wasn’t really expecting an answer. So I was just delighted when I got an actual e-mail from an actual human being today:

I’m sorry to hear this! We premiered Six Feet Under in a similar
time-frame to HBO. We will be re-airing this season likely in about 4
months or so. So you don’t miss it again you might consider subscribing
to MCeNews which will send you weekly updates on the series and movies
airing each week. Another great new series about to start is the HBO’s
Rome premiering on Movie Central August 28th. Check into our website for
more details.

The truth is they’re obviously flogging this Rome thing, but I was impressed that they thought to suggest a consolation prize. And really thrilled that Six Feet Under will indeed be mine, if subject to delayed gratification.

Meanhile would all Six Feet Under watchers please take this as a big NO SPOILERS warning. If I hear so much as a peep about Season 5 from any of you I’m going to be scouring my site logs for evidence that your IP number accessed this post. If I discover that you knowingly ignored my NO SPOILERS warning I’m going to subject you to creative RSS-enabled public humiliation.