Monkey Love
Monkey love

Last night someone handed me this monkey at the Flickr/Yahoo/ party,and told me I was supposed to pass it along. I confessed that I really wanted to just pass it along to my 2-year-old, and whoever it was who handed it to me thought that sounded like a good idea. But now I’m wracked with guilt over my anti-social behaviour, and I hope to redeem myself from offering the monkey to whoever pings me while I’m still at SXSW. (Before midnight Monday the 13th.) AIM or Jambo me at awsamuel or SMS me at 604.726.5445. Or just find me.
This photo of me and the monkey was taken by Marshall Kirkpatrick. My husband called while we were taking the photo, and I said, “I think I should tell you that I’m in my hotel room with another man and a rubber monkey.” Rob’s reaction: “What’s up with the rubber monkey?”