Beth Kanter has added a great gnomz cartoon to our bloggespondence (Rob, please add this to your Lexicon for the New Millennium) on and social bookmarking. Beth’s latest post on the subject pointed me to Jots, yet another social bookmarking site (OK, lets add YASBoS to a list of Acronymns for the New Millennium). The most interesting thing on Jots so far is its prominent URL and tag stats (a ratio of about 2 urls per tag, at this point).

Other than that it’s not intuitively obvious to me what it has to offer over, other than a slightly prettier interface; at this point I figure any new YASBoS needs a prominent “what this can do for you that doesn’t” promise on its main page. Meanwhile the profliferation of YASBoS heightens the need for site-independent taggregation: some way of aggregating all the tagged content out there, so that you can easily track a single tag across, Furl, CiteULike, Jots, and whichever sites appear next week. PHP gods, where are you?