It’s happened! I am now officially kicking Rob’s ass on Technorati, having jumped overnight from a soul-destroying 72,991 to a respectable if not stellar 44,348 (just think…only 44,347 blogs with more links than mine!).

One might attribute this leap to the silent, kind people at Technorati reading my plea and doing their part to preserve marital harmony. I’d like to think that Technorati has the compassion and discretion to intervene without tipping me off.

On the other hand, one might attribute the leap to my reorganizing my blog: I’ve just moved it from to my root directory ( The net effect is that where Technorati previously credited me only for links to my blog, it’s now crediting me for all inbound links to my website — pushing my inbound link count to 52 links from 39 sources, compared to the 33/25 that point to the /blog subdirectory alone.

There are two possible conclusions to draw from this experience (and experiment):
1) Technorati has executed its own defense of marriage act
2) If people link to your main website as well as to your blog, you can bump your Technorati ranking by moving your blog to your root directory. That can help you regain the upper hand in your romantic (or professional) relationships, make you appear higher up when a Technorati user sorts his/her inbound links in order of authority, or (if you’re really special) increase your odds of making the Technorati Top 100.