Rob and I seem to be in the market for a new web host. We’ve been delighted with our current hosts, Ace of Space, but as our site and domain empire expands, it’s beginning to look like it would be economical for us to get a hosting package that allows unlimited domains.

A friend recommends IV Hosting, which offers 3GB of space and unlimited domains for only US $99/year. A great deal, but not the most widely-known company, so we’re exploring the various possibilities. After all, switching web hosts isn’t like buying a house or getting married; it’s a serious, long-term commitment that can potentially enhance or destroy your connections to the outside world.

So I’d be delighted to hear from anyone with a reseller host to recommend. We’re looking for hosting of unlimited domains, ideally also IMAP support, and somewhere or other I swear I saw somebody offer free domain registrations into the deal. We might also consider Virtual Private Server options but those sound a bit high-maintenance, so I think we’ll be happier with a reseller package.