I called Fido — that’s my Canadian cell phone carrier — today to ask about GPRS settings for my new unlocked Treo 650. Since the settings they gave me are a bit different from those I found on various discussion boards I thought I’d post them here for the benefit of other would-be Fido/Treo users. (Note to my fellow Canadians: while Rogers is the only Canadian cell phone provider to offer the Treo 650, the dinky discount they give you on the Treo is going to be rapidly offset by the higher costs of service — especially data costs. So bite the bullet and order an unlocked GSM from the land of freedom.)

To configure the following settings on a Treo, go to the house menu (you know, hit the little button with a picture of a house on it), then choose the Prefs application. Under Prefs, select Communication/Network; then click the Preferences menu at the top of the screen and select Service/New. Call this connection GPRS and set the Connection type to…GPRS.

Now here are the settings Fido gave me (Treo implementation noted in brackets):

GPRS settings:
APN: internet.fido.ca
Username: fido
Password: fido
Dialup: *99# (not needed)

As usual, I accept no personal responsibility if this makes your phone burst into flame, if you buy a Treo in the US and then decide you don’t like it, or if your boyfriend already got you a Rogers Treo and now you’re kind of pissed about paying all those extra data charges. Happy mo-surfing.