FBTwit, Twitterfeed, and (my favourite option) Twitterbook all make it possible to update Twitter with my Facebook status. The only downside to this newly-rationalized setup is that, thanks to Twitterbar, it’s actually far easier to update my Twitter status than my Facebook status. (Interestingly, despite this fact I’m more likely to update status on Facebook than on Twitter, b/c Facebook feels like more of a community to me.)

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t offer any options for inbound aggregation (add that to my wishlist), so I’ve got to pass Facebook status to Twitter rather than vice versa. So I’m now looking for a Facebook status updater that’s as convenient as Twitterbar (which lets me type my status directly into my browser’s address bar, then press a little + sign to post.) I wonder why Facebook didn’t include a status updater in its Firefox toolbar. My guess is to drive people to Facebook….and I’m betting that for that reason, I won’t find my dream status-updating widget. Stay tuned for results…..