I just had an inquiry from a new Treo owner who is looking his gift horse in the mouth:

My employer recently gave each of the salespeople a new Treo 650.  None of us requested it, in fact, a year ago we told management we didn’t want them.  Now we have them and can’t figure out why.  Our business is not dealing with life or death and we don’t send a lot of emails.  We carried cell phones before, and laptops too.

One thought (suspicion) is perhaps they got them for us so they could track us.  Without asking them, is there a way we can determine if our Treos are being used for such a purpose?

I couldn’t think of any way the Treo could be used for tracking — certainly no more than any other cell phone — but maybe I’m being naive. For example, if the company is running the Treos’ e-mail through their servers, they could be monitoring that…but is there anything more Treo-specific that might be going on here? Does anyone else have insights?