TangognaT helpfully provides a surprisingly hard-to-find answer to a pretty basic question: how do you create category-specific RSS feeds in WordPress? And the answer is…

All you need to do is add a ?cat=# of category to the base url for any wordpress feed.

…so if you want to read everything I write about del.icio.us, but skip over all the yak yak yak about the future of democracy, you are a clearly shirking your civic duty and ignoring the broader current of public affairs in favour of your narrow obsession with blogging. However if you must persist in your wicked ways you would be able to read only my del.icio.us posts by subscribing to this feed:


(because del.icio.us is category #22 in my blog)

Cleverly enough, WordPress allows you to subscribe to feeds of multiple categories by separating the relevant category numbers with commas. So you could subscribe to:


To get everything I write about del.icio.us, tags, social bookmarking, or that was originally posted by me on You’re It.

I’ll be setting up an RSS subscription page soon with some options for different subscription sets from this blog.