As of this weekend, my blog is now M3R compliant:M3R Compliant button Looking over my lor stats from yesterday, I can already see the impact — not only on n-files but also on the peller processes I’ve been running to optimize my RTimer performance. But of course what really matters for you as a blog reader is that you now get an M3r linkup every time you read this blog using an M3r-compliant parser like Arnix or Readout.

If all this has left you confused about the value of M3R, you’re beginning to understand how many readers feel when they see a button like RSS button. Sure, it means something to you — but for lots of people, words like “RSS”, “Atom”, “aggregator” or “XML” mean about as much as the gibberish above. Without an explanation of RSS, all those RSS and XML buttons on blog sidebars are downright unfriendly. And that’s ironic, since one of the great virtues of RSS is that it can make blog-reading and news-tracking really easy — even for non-techies.

RSS can be a great tool for engaging more people in the information, insights and community provided by bloggers and other online news sites — but it’s up to all of us bloggers to make RSS accessible to the larger world. That’s why I created a beginner’s guide to RSS, along with a set of buttons like RSS huh? button and What is RSS button. Add one to your sidebar today by visiting, where you can also find and contribute to resources for learning about RSS.

I hope this site will make it easy for you to spread the word of RSS — leaving you more time to figure out the demands of M3R compliance.