I’ve been talking a lot about RSS on this site for some time now. And lately I’ve been talking about Treos too. Now you can have both great flavours in one thanks to this little demo of how the best sources of custom RSS feeds can help you find everything you want to know about Treo.

If you’ve just started using a newsreader like Bloglines or Newsgator, odds are that you’re subscribing to RSS or Atom feeds from your favourite blogs and news sites. But there are lots of other great sources of RSS feeds, including feeds that are tailored to your particular interests. So here are some of my favourite sources of high-value RSS feeds.

And if, like me, you are exploring the wide world of Treo, you might be interested in checking out the sample feeds below. If you click on each one you’ll be taken to an example: an RSS feed for “treo” from that source. Want to see how that can rock your world? Want to know more about Treo? Check out my 100% RSS Treo page.

  1. the Technorati tag page will feed you blog posts about Treo
  2. a Pubsub blog subscription will give you slightly broader results than you’re likely to get from Technorati, since it will be searching for Treo as a keyword rather than as a tag
  3. PubSub newsgroup subscription will do the same thing for usenet group discussions
  4. Dulance lets you set up an RSS search to track prices for products
  5. a del.icio.us tag feed will give you all the latest web resources that people are storing on a given topic
  6. BlogMarks offers more tag-based bookmark subscriptions, like the one from del.icio.us
  7. the flickr feed will show you pictures taken on a Treo or of a Treo
  8. the Organic Broadcast Network gives you an RSS feed linking to streaming video content about Treo
  9. a Yahoo! news search will give you mainstream news sources on a given topic
  10. and giving Yahoo! a run for its money is everyone’s favourite new kid on the RSS block, Google news

Bonus RSS feed: It’s not a Treo-related feed, but while on the subject of custom RSS feeds I have to tip my hat to the eternal geniuses that be Apple, where you can set up RSS feeds from the iTunes store, which let yo know about new albums in your favourite genres.

RSS hall of awkward blushes and shuffling feet
…if not actual shame. These are the big mysteries — the sites that should offer custom RSS feeds but don’t:

    Amazon should let me subscribe to an RSS feed that notifies me when they add a Treo-related item to their store.
    eBay should let me subscribe to an RSS feed that notifies me when a new Treo-related item goes on sale.
    The CNET/ZDNet empire should be downright embarrassed to be run tech news sites that don’t offer search-based topical RSS feeds.

  • The generally wise and wonderful people over at 43things offer a nice range of RSS feeds, but they won’t let you subscribe to a search result on Treo. So how will I keep track of those who share my Treo dream? That reminds me…time to cross “get a Treo” off my list.
  • Rojo is all about the feeds, and even lets you create a custom search on stories that have been tagged Treo, but does it then offer you an RSS feed of the search? No! Where will this madness end?
  • a href=”http://www.consumating.com”>Consumating People lets you create tag-based searches of people you might want to date…like Treo owners. Really. So how is it that people this visionary realize that people who find dates via tags probably want to take care of the whole thing via RSS? It’s at moments like this that I sure am glad I’m married..and that they hadn’t invented RSS or tags back in my single days. How could anyone settle down when that perfect tag set could be one feed refresh away?