When the senior editors at Medium approached me about writing the definitive guide to Google Drive, they weren’t expecting the Sext-o-matic: a Google sheet that automates the tedious job of sending sexy text messages to your lover. But I couldn’t resist building it–along with many other templates—so that this jam-packed guide would have something for every scenario.

But don’t worry, Google Drive can do more than send dirty messages! This 92-minute-read (yep, you read that correctly) covers how to use Docs and Sheets to…

  1. Handle life’s logistics — from keeping your house in order to streamlining chores
  2. Stay motivated — from goal setting to job hunting
  3. Collaborate at work – from brainstorming with colleagues to managing your own time
  4. Strengthen relationships — from prioritizing your key peeps to making hosting effortless
  5. Improve your health — both mental and physical
  6. Get on top of your finances — at tax time and year round
  7. Find more joy — from hobbies to creative outlets
  8. Fight for change — by organizing and sharing information

And of course, we cover all the basics: how to organize your folders, how to sync files to your computer, how to comment or edit a shared Doc, and much more.  You’ll get much more than just my ideas, tips and templates: There are tons of resources from other Drive-lovers, too.

Dive in now and find out how Google Drive can make every corner of your life easier.