Today’s practice: Think about the social media experience you want to have, not the brand you want to build.

About three years ago, in a conversation that ultimately led to me shifting gears and joining Emily Carr, the very wise Morgan Brayton passed along a pivotal piece of career advice: Focus on the experience you want to have, not the form you think it should take.

That advice has been on my mind the past few weeks as I have worried over this recently-neglected blog. Life has been roaring along at a pace that has precluded daily updates, and I’ve been feeling terribly guilty about it — as well as selfishly nostalgic for the opportunity to think by blogging.

So today I’m taking Morgan’s wisdom to the web, and thinking about the experience I want to have with my blog — the experience of sharing thoughts in a form that fosters conversations with people who are thinking about similar questions — rather than obsessing over my structural commitment to a daily mega-post.

Stay tuned to see how it goes.