I’m looking forward to this year’s SXSW (including lots of panels featuring great women), but I’ve noticed that the all-male panel is alive and well. I’d like to offer up my XX chromosomes (among other qualities) to round out one of the already-scheduled panels…and I’d love to hear from other women who, like me, are available to XX up an all-male panel. (If you want to know why I care, read one of these great blog posts by Β Allyson Kapin orΒ Mary Hodder.)

So if you’re a female speaker available to join an SXSW panel, leave your quick summary bio and contact info in a comment below (see my example) or on the SXSW page on the Speaker’s Wiki . I’ll try and get the URL out and around.

And if you’re a panel convenor with an all-male panel, I hope you’ll use this to mix it up a bit. I’d love to see a SXSW where all-male panels are all done.