From the Wall Street Journal’s Daily Wrap: Twitter for CEOs (audio)

Why and how should CEOs use Twitter? That was the focus of my conversation with Michael Castner yesterday, on the Wall Street Journal’s Daily Wrap. You can listen to that interview below, or read the Wall Street Journal story we were riffing off: Better Leadership with Social Media. In it, I present six ways busy execs can use social media to make their work easier and more effective — instead of seeing social media as one more thing on a crowded plate.

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  1. Alan Klein

    Great interview Dr. Samuels, really valuable information for executive teams out there on the importance of social media in the Enterprise. 

    Once thing I noticed in your interview (something I am guilty of as well – but now catch myself) is you prefixed a number of your answers with “I think…” when in fact, based on your WSJ article and past education in that area, have done quite a bit of research on the topic of social media. 

    Anyway, it would be a much more powerful and authoritative response if you remove those two words vs Anyway, I think it it would be a much more powerful and authoritative response if you removed those two words 🙂

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