I’m writing a story for a leading business travel magazine and I’m looking for interview subjects.

Do you have a tech pain point — whether it’s email overload, scheduling, or just finding a way to unplug — that I can help you solve?

If you are the CEO of a small-to-medium-sized business, or an executive at a large company, I would love to help you heal your pain. Please contact me via email, Twitter or Facebook to tell me what your pain point is (one sentence is fine). If it’s a fit for the story, you’ll get great exposure in a widely read magazine, plus a suggested solution to your tech pain. Best of all, it won’t take very much of your time — we can conduct the interview via email, if it’s easier for you, or in a short phone call.

Please share this request, or suggest people you think I should interview. I’m @awsamuel on Twitter or emailable as alex[at]alexandrasamuel[dot]com.