What’s it like to be on a panel with rock stars Peter Shankman, Julien Smith, Chris Brogan and Russell Bowers? For all who have wondered, I can answer that question with a video — at the same time, answering a question that came in on Twitter during today’s panel at Mount Royal University’s Social Media Shift:

Everyone is dying to know what is on @ head. #MRUShift


Levin Dixon

The object on my head was a Looxie Camcorder: a tiny, over-the-ear videocamera that records a continuous loop of video, and lets you view or share clips by connecting to your iPhone. I got mine this past weekend as a birthday present, so I decided to take it for a spin this afternoon. A lot of the footage consists of me looking at my iPhone to make the camera work (!), or the screen of my iPad as I tried to send a mid-panel tweet:

This video gives you a bird’s eye view of my comments on the phenomenon of hashtag diffusion  — the spread of hashtags from Twitter to e-mail, text messaging and even bathroom graffiti. The clip also captures a follow-up comment from Chris.

SpeakerCam from Social Media Shift

“Speaker Cam” is hardly my best use case for the Looxcie. I’m hoping that if I can get in the habit of wearing it regularly, and leave it in continuous loop mode, I’ll be able to capture and share the moments that shed life on the joys of life on- and offline.