This blog rounds up my posts from around the web, including for the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal and Medium.

Threat-based parenting: Dos and Don’ts

As featured on Medium, a handy guide to getting those pesky kids under control with the power of threats. Thanks to the rise of screens, there’s never been a better time for threat-based parenting.

When school doesn’t fit: our 2E story

When I sat down to share my insights into navigating the school system with a kid who just doesn’t fit the conventional student mould, I realized that my insights were meaningless without the context of our own experience parenting a 2E (twice exceptional) child.

Conquering Digital Distraction

The June 2015 print edition of the Harvard Business Review featured this he said/she said story, in which I argued that switching off is the wrong way to handle digital overload.

Hey Vancouver: It’s okay to be boring

“Work-life balance”, “relaxed lifestyle”, “not Toronto” — these are the phrases Vancouverites use to describe what makes our city different from other cities. And not coincidentally, they are all ways of saying we’re a city with a slower pace than the vast majority of major North American cities.

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