How to tone down your tech

If you’re looking for a little online sanity, there are better options than a digital fast. My first post for the Headspace blog shares five great alternatives.

How to raise a white hat hacker

Today in the Christian Science Monitor’s Passcode, I look at what it takes to turn a curious, tech-minded kid into an ethical hacker.

A Robot By Any Other Name

What the research on artificial intelligence tells us about why and how we humanize the devices in our lives.

The 9 stages of special needs parenting

Today I went through my monthly ritual of looking for even more Facebook parent groups to join, in the hope that somewhere is the group of people who will understand our exact set of challenges — or better yet, have the right set of solutions. It suddenly struck...

The Final Four-Year-Old

The NCAA’s Final Four may determine who rules the court, but the Final Four-Year-Old determines who rules the playground. Here’s my bracket for the 2016 Sparkle Tots championship.