A living experiment in online collaboration

The blogiverse is having fun with Just Letters, a little flash game that is a great living experiment in online collaboration. All you need is your browser, so go check it out!

Just Letters is an interesting window on how people can work together when the demands of collaboration are low enough, even if the apparent […]

Justice in a nutshell

My past research on hacktivism took me far enough into the hacker world to appreciate the difference between hackers and script kiddies. In a nutshell, real hackers are computer experts who use their impressive skills for peace, love and kindness, while script kiddies...

Stakeholder communications go online

Thanks to Kristan Boudreau of BC Hydro for pointing me to a paper by Carol Adams and Geoffrey Frost on “Stakeholder Engagement Strategies: Possibilities for the Internet.”(PDF) The authors undertook a comparative study of how companies in Australia, Germany and the UK use web sites as a tool for communicating with stakeholders, based on more […]

One Damn Thing After Another

Rob Cottingham's blog, a terrific and wry source of info and analysis on Canadian politics. <i>Full disclosure: he's not only a brilliant speechwriter and political commentator, he's also my husband.</i>

Gnomedex 5.0

The next mega-gathering of West Coast bloggers, coming up June 23-25 in Seattle. Looks to be a great way to connect with the latest thinking on blogging, tagging, social software and all those other Web 2.0 buzzwords.

BlogherCon 2005

The first BlogherCon — a blogging conference for women — is planned for July 30, 2005 in Santa Clara California. The schedule of events will be announced May 1.

Rad Geek’s Projects » FeedWordPress

I’ve been exploring the wonderful world of RSS aggregation for the past few months. (RSS newbies, check out the Wikipedia introduction.) I wanted to go beyond aggregating content for my own use, into the realm of aggregation as a way to support the blogging...

Online engagement: strength in numbers

The Canadian Policy Research Network has released a new paper called “Democracy — Updating the Owner’s Manual” by Mary Pat MacKinnon, the Director of CPRN’s Public Involvement Network.

The paper provides a very useful introduction to citizen engagement, informed by CPRN’s own extensive experience in engaging over 2,000 Canadians in public dialogue. Mary Pat suggests […]

Participants – Toolkit Citizen Participation

This site describes itself as: a growing group of civil society (NGO) and local government organisations from all over the world, working together to promote participatory local governance. Our site offers information on tools which promote citizen participation, a...

Blogging for Social Capital

Elizabeth Albrycht’s latest article at Blogging Planet, Collaboration Requires Contribution, provides a nice exploration of how blogging might enhance social capital. Her article includes a number of specific pieces of advice for how companies can use blogs to build community, and draws the connection between active participation in online content creation, and the development of […]