Online pickup, or online stalking? (From CBC Vancouver)

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Finally, an online dating site that makes Plenty of Fish and Craigslist’s Missed Connections look positively classy. My comments are included in the story that ran on CBC news tonight.

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  1. branded items

    Peeked Interest sounds creepy. It’s more of like stalking! Alexandra was right, people not knowing that their photos are being uploaded online can drive to a serious privacy issue.

  2. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, this happens every day on every other social site and app out there.  People take a picture of a crowded public place with strangers in view or post pictures of the “hot nightclub” and their female attendees.  I don’t think building a business and promoting this behavior is a good idea but there is a deeper issue here.

    Where do you regulate this activity?  Is no one allowed to capture a picture and post it online if someone in that picture is not consulted?  Or is the onus on the social network to filter these pictures (nearly impossible)?  Maybe face recognition software will help you monitor when your face pops up online but that opens another scary avenue.

    We’re definitely in the wild west of the mobile/social internet right now.

  3. Harmony

    It is rather  dishonestly towards people

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