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Updating Canada’s Election Act so you can tweet the results

January 13, 2012

Today the Canadian government announced its intention to table legislation that will bring Canada’s Elections Act into the 21st century. Tim Uppal, the junior minister for democratic reform, tweeted today to share the news. That’s right: next election night, Canadians will be able to discuss election results with all the immediacy, humour and clarity that [...]

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The meaning of engagement

June 3, 2010

A great description of meaningful engagement from Chris Jones: True engagement requires more time and energy and active listening skills, but the resulting flow of information brings rich rewards. Insights begin to accumulate and multiply. Ideas get validated and enhanced in several directions at once. And as the value of the idea exchange increases, personal [...]

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How great editing motivates great user-generated content

January 20, 2010

When a business or organization takes on its first social media project, the communications team typically worries about how to handle a deluge of negative comments or inappropriate content. Rob and I always tell people that what they should worry about is the exact opposite: namely, getting no participation at all. If you are running a [...]

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How to monitor your blog’s comments using Twitter

September 15, 2009

Unlike my Twitter conversations, blog comments often take a day or two to hit my radar. Since Tweetdeck (my Twitter client) is my de facto engagement hub — the place where I engage in online conversation — it makes sense for me to track other conversations in that context. To that end, I’ve figured out a setup that pulls comments on my blog posts, plus blog posts about my writing or speaking, into Tweetdeck.

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Engagement planning worksheets to engage your users and move them to action

May 27, 2009

It’s often hard for nonprofits to figure out how they can engage people effectively online. It’s hard enough to get visitors to your site or social media presence, let alone drive them effectively towards action. This post gives you two tools that can help: a user profile worksheet, and an engagement planning worksheet.

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Three steps for companies getting started with social media

March 9, 2009

Listen. Think. Engage. These are the three steps every company should follow.

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Online collaboration for your right brain, part 2: MindMeister…

July 23, 2008

How to use MindMeister as a powerful tool for collaborative mindmapping and brainstorming.

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Bringing your online community to life

June 2, 2008

Building an online community is just the first step. Here are my tips on bringing your online community to life.

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A mathemetician, a librarian, and a web strategist walk into a bar…

April 1, 2008

The power of Boolean logic, coming soon to a sentence near you.

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Wrap your brand in reflected glory

March 2, 2008

Someone needs to tell the folks at Glad: Unless your customers pay for the privilege of wearing your logo, don't build an online community around your brand.

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Raising community-minded kids: Not just for people in Morningside Heights?

February 10, 2008

How can we instill social values in our kids? That’s a question Rob and I struggle with constantly. In its least subtle form, the inculcation can begin as early as eighteenth months, as we’ve learned this election season (“No, sweetie, we don’t clap forthat man.”) At three or four we can toss in a little [...]

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