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3 tricks for monitoring Twitter mentions and trackbacks

January 24, 2013

The brilliant Lauren Bacon made a big splash yesterday with her thought-provoking post on the emotional work that often gets assigned to women working in the tech world. The response to that post has been so massive that it’s left her with a challenge: how do you monitor and reply to the torrent of ensuing [...]

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Love in flames: finding the joy in hostile comments

January 18, 2013

“I don’t know why you care about the shit that a bunch of total strangers say about you on the Internet.” This was my mom’s delightfully candid and potentially comforting response to this week’s comment eruption on my Harvard Business Review post. My mom is quite an extraordinary person, but her most extraordinary trait may [...]

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What experience do you want to have online?

April 10, 2012

Today’s practice: Think about the social media experience you want to have, not the brand you want to build. About three years ago, in a conversation that ultimately led to me shifting gears and joining Emily Carr, the very wise Morgan Brayton passed along a pivotal piece of career advice: Focus on the experience you [...]

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13 essential ingredients for your blogging setup

July 8, 2011

Just like a city needs roads and sewers, a blog needs its own infrastructure. Until you’ve got the basics in place, there’s no point in busting a gut to increase traffic: even if you succeed in bringing new readers to your blog, you won’t keep them coming back. So make sure you begin by getting [...]

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The 3 essential questions every blogger should answer

July 7, 2011

Any blogger — newbie or pro — should be able to answer these three essential questions about his or her blog.

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Are you a parent traveling on business? Here are 15 tips for taking the kids

June 3, 2011

When I first wrote this post in October 2006, LilPnut was only a few months old, and didn’t even have his twitter handle yet. (Who can blame him? Twitter had barely been invented.) Almost five years later we have lots more experience traveling with the kids, and are much less ambitious about integrating business and [...]

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5 reasons to blog like it’s the last night of the world

May 20, 2011

I worry a lot about the world ending. My scenarios usually involve some kind of catastrophic climate change, pandemic virus or global economic meltdown followed by civil collapse. This intermittent tendency to fret over various doomsday is something I try to deprive of oxygen, partly because the more room I give to it the more [...]

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10 bloggers share their tips on how to stay motivated

April 21, 2011

Everyone knows that Superman’s great weakness is Kryptonite, fragments of his home planet that travelled with him to earth. That’s how legendary weaknesses arise: the source of our strength is also our greatest weakness, and every legend carries with it the seeds of its own destruction. So it seems almost necessary that the coining of [...]

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How many e-mail clients do you need?

March 23, 2011

Jodie Tonita is a lovely person. She is passionate, funny, kind to children and small animals, and an amazing hula-hooper. Unfortunately she was sent by our alien overlords to ensure I never do my actual work. As evidence, check out this message Jodie left on my Facebook wall: I realize that it is theoretically possible [...]

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How to write a blog post in 10 minutes

March 22, 2011

How do you blog in one hour a week? In my recent blog post about how to sustain your social media presence in just 3 hours a week, I advise drafting 3 blog posts in under one hour. That may sound unimaginable if (like me) you’ve fallen into the habit of turning each blog post [...]

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How to sustain a social media presence in 3 hours a week

March 18, 2011

Feel like you don’t have enough time to create a meaningful social media presence? In this post I spell out my step-by-step process for creating and maintaining a high value, useful blog and Twitter presence in just (I mean it!) 3 hours a week.

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