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The 5 requirements for a starter social media presence

March 14, 2011

What are the 5 factors that shape the investment you’re willing to make in social media? I hear about the same key considerations from a lot of people, so I’ve spelled them out as the requirements for the easy to set up, easy to maintain presence I will map out in this series.

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Online relationship advice from Oprah.com

On Oprah.com: What to do on Twitter when you’re getting started

May 5, 2010

This post for Oprah.com shows what to do on Twitter when you’re getting started. Learn the basics of using Twitter, like how to find great people to follow, or check out this Twitter glossary.

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Nonprofit technology starter pack

November 6, 2009

This is the third part of a 3-part post. The first part covers collaboration on nonprofit technology, and the second part lists 9 questions to ask before starting a nonprofit technology project. Whether you’re getting started in nonprofit technology, or you’ve already created a project that has the potential to grow, connecting with the larger [...]

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Getting the most from your new Mac

May 23, 2009

The first part of a series in which I’ll walk you through the five steps to becoming a happy and fulfilled Mac user after years in the PC closet.

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Halfway to hex: Anniversary gifts for geeks

July 28, 2008

To celebrate our half-hex wedding anniversary, we created a new, geek-friendly set of recommended anniversary gifts.

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