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Happy News is a site that accentuates the positive: it promises to deliver only good news stories. You wouldn’t want to make it your only source of information, but when the endless stories of crime and conflict get you down, here’s a nice way to balance it out. It’s a great example of a creative online solution to a real-world problem: how to cope with the endless tide of bad news stories.

I discovered Happy News in this useful list of places to go online when you want to talk about your feelings. Check out the full list.

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  1. Lloyd Budd

    I’m not looking so much for Happy News, but news shared in a constructive way, helping me see the potential path to improvement.

  2. Alex

    Yes! I could agree more. One of the things that drives me nuts about reading traditional news is the lack of a “next action”, in GTD terms. This was the motivation behind a submission we made to the Knight News Challenge a few years ago, for a news >> action widget. (see I think the closest thing to that in practice is what is happening over at

  3. Lloyd Budd

    Thanks Alex! I’ll have to see about tuning in to (I think I owe Joe an email besides.)

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