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Information Overload

Information overload: whether you’re overwhelmed by social media, suffering from email overload or trying to simply find a few minutes offline, these insights and practices can help.

6 solutions to the sadness of social media

September 27, 2011

Is social media making us sad? On the UK’s Channel 4 News website, Benjamin Cohen is concerned that social media is changing the nature of friendship, and has adjusted his use of social media in response: I’ve stopped sharing as much, full stop….I’m not suggesting that everyone else should do the same, but I’m suggesting [...]

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11 best practices for managing your social network memberships

June 8, 2011

Between the WordPress.com hack, the Honda Canada hack and the Playstation hack, I feel like my favorite online identities have been seriously compromised. Nor am I the only one: the recent attack on PBS servers has also created potential identity risks for PBS employees. So these seemed like a good time to revisit the advice [...]

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1972: ELIZA, IANA and the search for (in)finite attention online

March 27, 2011

The 1972 Internet gave us ELIZA, a computer therapist, and IANA, which allocates IP addresses. Together they structure our contemporary dilemma: how do we get scarce, human attention in a world of infinite online distraction?

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5 life lessons you can learn from emptying your inbox

December 31, 2010

You’ve probably got a handful of e-mails that are still in your inbox because you are, on some level, avoiding them. These e-mails, more than anything else, illuminate your core personal or professional blocks. Forcing yourself through them — the way you have to in order to empty your inbox — is not just a path to e-mail efficiency, but a very meaningful exercise in character-building. Here are some of the lessons that may lie waiting in your inbox.

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5 steps to emptying your e-mail inbox

December 27, 2010

You could get to inbox zero the way you probably have countless times before, by working your way through that pile one message at a time. That can be very time-consuming, and it also misses the great opportunity that an overflowing inbox provides: the opportunity to identify the message sources and message types that lead [...]

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How Twitter lists can keep you connected to the relationships that matter most

November 3, 2010

Social media is all about being connected, we are often told. But who are you connecting with? Answering that question is crucial to using Twitter — or any social web tool — in a way that that supports your career, enriches your relationships and expands your perspective on the world around you. It’s easy to [...]

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5 solutions for coping with social media

May 8, 2010

Read Gillian Shaw’s story about my social media methodology in the Vancouver Sun. Is social media something you have to cope with? Or is social media something that can help you cope? In my talk today at the Northern Voice blogging conference, I made my best case for social media as a coping mechanism. Yes, [...]

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5 ways social media can help you learn to say no (for HBR)

January 20, 2010

Subject: Join our new working group? Subject: Time to meet for coffee? Subject: Beta invitation for new web app Subject: Sign up for 2010 lecture series? If your January inbox looks like mine, it’s full of requests and invitations. The problem with the New Year’s holiday is that everyone resolves to do more at the [...]

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On Managing Information Overload and Extremely Lame Superpowers

January 12, 2010

We all struggle with information overload. If somebody would just push a button and turn off the Internet for a…

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Seven ways to break the habit of compulsive e-mail and Twitter check-ins

September 10, 2009

I’ve lost too much of the present to my constant need to check the iPhone. Here are seven practices that are helping me break free of my compulsion.

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