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Twitter & HootSuite stories wanted for next Harvard Business Review ebook

January 4, 2013

FROM AN EVERNOTE USER: I largely use Evernote to clip news articles, academic articles, and journal articles. I use separate Evernote notebooks for teaching, for material relevant to my book, and one for my next research project. I also created a notebook when I was writing a piece for The New Yorker about the shooting [...]

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3 practices that restore the meaning of friendship on Facebook

November 18, 2011

Do you insert audible air quotes when you talk about your Facebook “friends”? If so, it’s time to strip away those air quotes and get serious about your online friends, on Facebook and beyond. That’s part of the commitment to embracing your real online life that I’ll be talking about tomorrow at TEDxVictoria. My TEDx [...]

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6 solutions to the sadness of social media

September 27, 2011

Is social media making us sad? On the UK’s Channel 4 News website, Benjamin Cohen is concerned that social media is changing the nature of friendship, and has adjusted his use of social media in response: I’ve stopped sharing as much, full stop….I’m not suggesting that everyone else should do the same, but I’m suggesting [...]

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The 10 best tips on how to write an online dating profile

September 22, 2011

It was inevitable that one of my single friends would get the hint. I go on and on about my fascination with online dating, and how tragic it is that I missed out by getting married before it was really a thing, and how much I would like to learn more about how it all [...]

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Facebook dating: 8 tips for pickup artists (or how to avoid them)

July 20, 2011

The slender brunette in the airport lounge had just ended a cell phone call when a young man with heavily gelled blonde hair sat down next to her. “Do you have Internet on your phone?” he asked. “I’m trying to find out the weather.” “Sorry, I can’t get a connection,” she replied, polite but curt, [...]

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13 essential ingredients for your blogging setup

July 8, 2011

Just like a city needs roads and sewers, a blog needs its own infrastructure. Until you’ve got the basics in place, there’s no point in busting a gut to increase traffic: even if you succeed in bringing new readers to your blog, you won’t keep them coming back. So make sure you begin by getting [...]

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The pajama test: An open letter to my Facebook “friends”

June 9, 2011

A year ago today, this blog post was the turning point in my relationship with Facebook. In my life affair for Twitter I’d pretty much lost sight of how Facebook could possibly be relevant to me. Then I made the decision that Facebook would be my personal space — the space where I connected with [...]

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11 best practices for managing your social network memberships

June 8, 2011

Between the WordPress.com hack, the Honda Canada hack and the Playstation hack, I feel like my favorite online identities have been seriously compromised. Nor am I the only one: the recent attack on PBS servers has also created potential identity risks for PBS employees. So these seemed like a good time to revisit the advice [...]

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10 ways Microsoft Kinect will change our world in the next decade

June 7, 2011

Six months after our Kinect arrived in our lives, it’s mostly unused. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less transformative than I’d hoped…just in different ways than I predicted. In our household the Kinect’s shining moment came on New Year’s Eve, when our first effort at having a kid-friendly grownup party (as opposed to a [...]

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Social media for small organizations: Why size matters

June 6, 2011

This blog post was written as part of a series, but it’s a post that many organizations could usefully read on its own. If your organization has fewer than 100,000 members, you need to recognize the constraints that size imposes on your social media strategy…and develop a social media plan that can work effectively at [...]

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10 ways you can tap the value of the Delicious community

June 2, 2011

A social bookmarking service that draws value from both its user and developer communities, Delicious makes it easy to keep track of your favorite web sites. Here are 10 ways you can tap into the unique value of the Delicious.

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