My pronouns are she/her.

And now it’s time for me to come out about my particularity about how people write my name. Here’s how to write my name:

Alexandra Samuel

Please note, no S on the end of “Samuel”. Just one of me, just one Samuel.

Now it’s true that I am also known as Alex. And if you’re sending me an e-mail, or talking about me in a first-name only context, then Alex is just fine. (I always enjoy the surprise when people discover I’m of the female persuasion.)

As for “Alex Samuel”….well, I can live with it. But my weird little pet peeve is that when I’m writing my first and last name I always use my full first name, so I do prefer “Alexandra Samuel” to “Alex Samuel”.

If you want to refer to me by title, please refer to me as “Dr. Samuel” or “Dr. Alexandra Samuel”, rather than “Ms.” Sadly, I will not be able to help you with your gallstones or chronic psoriasis, but I did spend quite a few years working away at that Harvard Ph.D., so this is where it all pays off.

For journalists, editors and producers who need a brief description to run with a story, you have a few options:

• Alexandra Samuel, Author of “Remote, Inc” and “Work Smarter with Social Media”
• Alexandra Samuel, Wall Street Journal contributor
• Alexandra Samuel, technology writer and researcher
• Alexandra Samuel, bold explorer from a parallel dimension (nobody’s used that yet, but you could be the first!)

I’ll resist suggesting a preferred font.