The 5 questions to ask about online distraction

Whether you’re worried about the Internet’s impact on your attention span, or tired of hearing about how life online is driving us to distraction, these 5 questions will help you think more deeply about online distraction.

Locative technologies help us redefine what presence means

Simon King has a provocative blog post about the relationship between using technologies on-location, and actually being present in the location where you’re checking. He begins by comparing e-readers and smartphones to books or magazines: In my experience,...

7 practices to strengthen your online presence

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series 10 reasons to stop apologizing for your online life

True online presence offers opportunities for authentic experience, connection and discovery; opportunities for joy and fulfillment. Practices like meditation, yoga and day-to-day mindfulness help cultivate the capacity for offline presence, so that we live our lives more fully. Now that we live so much of our lives online, we need similar practices for our networked time so that we can integrate our online moments into a meaningful life rather than experiencing them as moments deducted from our “real” lives. Here are some practices that foster online presence.

The next tech revolution is here and now

The next tech revolution is underway. It’s not the dawn of the semantic web, or the mobile web, or web 3.0 or any of these buzzwords. This revolution is about the people using technology, not the technology itself. It seems like the tech industry is finally...