Watch and record HD TV on your Mac — now in Canada!

If you want to turn your Mac into a TV set or PVR (personal video recorder) you have a few good options — unless you want to record in High Definition (HD). HD recording takes advantage of that large TV or LCD you’ve plugged into your Mac, and is the only...

When and how to communicate online

Don’t e-mail what you can blog. Don’t blog what you can tweet. Don’t tweet what you can DM. Don’t DM what you wouldn’t publish.

Twitter quickstart: Effective twittering in 5 minutes a week

If you’re new to Twitter, you want to quickly eliminate the five sure signs you’re a Twitter newbie. Here are some quick ways you can follow people, attract followers, and keep your feed regularly updated — all in less than five minutes a week.

Fighting lice in Vancouver

We knew this day would come. Lice…yuck! As we struggle to contain the lice outbreak on our kids’ heads, we share the following resources and insights: Think carefully before using pharmaceutical lice remedies like Nix. They are based on a natural...