Digital era records management

I recently heard from Sarah Demb, a fellow Canadian now working with the International Records Management Trust in London. The IRMT fills an interesting niche in the governance world:

The Trust was set up in 1989 to help develop new strategies for managing public sector records. Records are so fundamental to democracy that governments and international […]

E-democracy and egovernment tags – DoWire.Org

Steve Clift has set up a wiki page for e-democracy and e-government tags, following up on my call for a common tag taxonomy.

If you work in the e-democracy or e-government field, please visit this page to add any tags or keywords that you use for tracking bookmarks or blog posts in this area.

Technological leapfrogging

I have a story in today’s Toronto Star on Leapfrogging the Technology Gap. The story looks at communities or even whole countries in the developing world that are using information and communication technologies to leapfrog directly from being an agricultural to...