10 ways you can tap the value of the Delicious community

A social bookmarking service that draws value from both its user and developer communities, Delicious makes it easy to keep track of your favorite web sites. Here are 10 ways you can tap into the unique value of the Delicious.

The 10 best tool collections for delicious users

Last week I celebrated my sixth anniversary. No, not my wedding anniversary (we hit number 10 this summer); and not the anniversary of our business (our fifth birthday was a couple of weeks ago).  Last week was my delicious anniversary, and after six years I can say...

5 solutions to hyperthinking and hypertasking

While working my way through the consultation paper on Canada’s Digital Advantage, I found myself: investigating the best way to copy and paste text from a PDF to Evernote, leading to an open browser window with a series of tabs about various options for...

How your non-profit can earn revenue with Web 2.0: Part 5 – Product sales

What bake sales once were to PTAs, online storefronts are to today's non-profits. We're used to thinking about participants in non-profit web sites as members or supporters, people we are trying to reach with a message or mobilize around a campaign. But your online community members can also be customers — customers who may be delighted to spend their dollars in a way that supports their values and your work.