Web 2.0 glossary

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Nten conference, where I’ll be part of a panel on Blogging, tagging, flickring for the cause. As background info for Nten participants, I put together the following glossary of “Web 2.0” terminology....

How to raise a gay-friendly child

Jennifer Gerarda Brown has posted a great set of tips on how to raise a gay-friendly child on the Lessig blog. A nice e.g. of the strong respect for civil rights that fits well with Lessig-style cyberpolitics.

NerdTests.com Fun Tests – Nerd Quiz

I am heartbroken to discover that I only rate as semi-nerdy. I think the problem is that my nerdiness is restricted to tech nerdiness rather than general science nerdiness (on which front I score pathetically low). I’ll keep my eye out for something that tests...

Is podcasting the death of discourse?

Tod Maffin sees podcasting as a way of letting people create “vertical” audio feeds; instead of listening to general interest radio shows like As It Happens, listeners can create their own personal streams of audio, based on their own particular interests. This is just the kind of scenario that makes Cass Sunstein worry about the future of democratic discourse.

Yak shaving etymology

I’ve finally done something to earn true geek credentials. No, not writing my own applescript (not that hard, actually). Not installing and terminating my own in-wall ethernet network (with brilliant foresight, just 6 months before wireless went consumer-grade)....