6 ways to speed up your social media response times

Speed is essential to developing the right social media campaign, response or update. In my last post, I looked at how the right kind of market research program can support faster and more responsive social media management, inspired by The Quick and the Dead, a new...

5 questions about your personal brand and your day job

My latest for the Wall Street Journal addresses the challenges that companies face in managing “co-branded” employees: employees who have built a significant reputation and following through social media. The story covers a range of issues managers need to...

5 steps to create your social media toolkit

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Social media in 3 hours a week

Building a social media presence around a specific area of expertise is your best way to connect with a network and audience that cares about your work, and gets real value from your online contributions. This blog post walks you through the 5 steps that will get you up and running with three tools that will let you build and maintain a credible online presence as an expert: a Wordpress blog, a Google Reader account and a Twitter presence managed through HootSuite.

15 resources to accelerate your social media learning

I just got back from a fantastic day at the 20th annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference at Harvard Business School. What an incredible event! If the students who organized it weren’t going to be busy running the world’s next generation of startups,...

17 tips for using Twitter to grow your business

Just like black-and-white photography can reveal depths you’ll never see in colour, the short length of a Twitter message encourages new levels of creativity and effectiveness in marketing. Don’t believe me?  Here are my top tips on getting started with Twitter…and each is 140 characters or less.