How to find support online during life’s big passages (for

Friends are there to share your celebrations, support you through difficult transitions, and mourn your losses. Social media enable that sharing and support in new ways, across distances that would formerly exclude people who are far away but dear to your heart. Find out how to get the support you need online.

Now on Life passages online, plus an empty nest bonus

My latest blog post for talks about ways to get support during life passages. Whether you’re celebrating milestones like the birth of a baby, a marriage or a birthday, or confronting challenges like death or illness, I’ve got some pointers on how the web can help. This post looks at one passage in particular: your newly empty nest.

My latest for Is an iPad Right for Your Family?

“I got an iPad!” my daughter announces to a friend. “No honey, I got an iPad,” I remind her. The argument over who the iPad belongs to is just one of the many wrinkles in our new life as The iPad Family. Self-serve movie watching, GodFinger...

On 6 ways to be a better parent online

If it takes a village to raise a child, that village no longer needs to be defined by the place you happen to live. This post for shows how to find online support to help you be a better parent online and offline.