TedX Victoria: Stop apologizing for your online life

I’m delighted to be participating in TedX Victoria this November 19th.  I’ll be speaking about the 10 Reasons to Stop Apologizing for Your Online Life, and look forward to helping TedX participants give up the notion of IRL (“In Real Life”),...

The next chapter: Emily Carr University

I’m thrilled and honoured that I have been invited to join Emily Carr as the Director of the Centre for Moving Interaction. For the next two years, I’ll work with the students and faculty of Emily Carr to develop research programs that engage BC tech companies in exploring new opportunities for — and applications of — digital creativity. And as part of that work, I’ll do research that digs deeper into the strategic and social implications of social media.

12 things you don’t know about Rob Cottingham

In a few hours I’ll be thankful for a plate of turkey, stuffing and gravy. Meanwhile, there’s nothing like jamming chunks of bread into the cavity of a formerly living creature to make you appreciate what really matters in life. As I stood elbow-deep in turkey, I found myself reflecting on the person who is at the heart of most of what I have to be thankful for this year