How to password-protect yourself from iPhone addiction

iPhone contact has become reflexive. The five minutes before a meeting, the two-minute walk to the coffee shop, the 10 seconds between parking the car and walking in the front door: they’re all moments when I automatically reach for the iPhone.

If my iPhone were a cigarette, I’d be a chain smoker. If my iPhone were a bottle of scotch, I’d be a hard-core alcoholic. If it were a rosary I’d be a religious zealot.

There’s nothing I could touch as frequently as I touch my iPhone without looking like a total freak.

What makes me think that the constant, obsessive iPhone contact is any less freaky? Or more to the point, any less addictive?

Kill your tech truths

We’re taught to think of technologies as constants…and so we fall into thinking of tech in absolutes, and getting attached to truths that hold us back more than they help us. Here are 10 tech truths you would do well to question.

Confidential to Beer Guy

You know who you are. In the card-swapping frenzy that is SXSW, I’m not surprised to have a conversation interrupted so that somebody can give me his card, and ask for mine. It was only later that it seemed like a really, really bad idea for you to give me...

Why I love my new job

When I came into work today, I found that somebody had knit a handle-cosy onto the front door of Emily Carr, and around the pipe just inside. This is why working at an art university rocks.

The next tech revolution is here and now

The next tech revolution is underway. It’s not the dawn of the semantic web, or the mobile web, or web 3.0 or any of these buzzwords. This revolution is about the people using technology, not the technology itself. It seems like the tech industry is finally...


Separating my SXSW swag into “take it home” and “throw it out” piles shows what makes for good, memorable promotional materials.