The geek’s guide to child-proofing: how to keep your tech safe from baby

With the wisdom earned from six years’ of childraising, two destructive children and four or five figures’ worth of maimed technology, I’d like to weigh in on the neglected side of childproofing. Because once you’ve figured out how to keep your baby safe from your stuff, it’s time to figure out how to keep your stuff safe from baby.

Nonprofit technology starter pack

This is the third part of a 3-part post. The first part covers collaboration on nonprofit technology, and the second part lists 9 questions to ask before starting a nonprofit technology project. Whether you’re getting started in nonprofit technology, or...

9 questions to ask before starting a nonprofit technology project

Whether you’re a tech professional who wants to lend your time to a good cause, or an NGO that needs a new web site, your online efforts can benefit not just one organization, but many organizations facing similar challenges and opportunities. These 9 questions will ensure your nonprofit project has the maximum impact.

Collaboration on nonprofit technology in academia and beyond

I’m currently attending the International Digital Media and Arts Association’s annual conference, which primarily draws academics who work and teach in digital media. This afternoon’s panel on Innovations in Teaching/Learning: Public Service/Civil...

Watch and record HD TV on your Mac — now in Canada!

If you want to turn your Mac into a TV set or PVR (personal video recorder) you have a few good options — unless you want to record in High Definition (HD). HD recording takes advantage of that large TV or LCD you’ve plugged into your Mac, and is the only...