Using online contests as a marketing tool

If you’re running online contests to promote your work, you want to encourage people to participate as widely as possible. Here’s how to create a compelling and fun contest.

5 reasons to send Direct Messages on Twitter

In answer to a question posted in LinkedIn, I’ve offered five reasons to use Twitter’s DM function — including to communicate something that is too short to be worth emailing.

Using B2C social media for B2B marketing

Think of your social media presence as a party: you’re inviting lots of pretty people (the end customers), who in turn will bring in lots of smart/rich people (your customers).

How I got to inbox zero

Just ten days ago, I really did have more than thirteen hundred unread messages in my inbox. But today is the eighth day of my new zero inbox lifestyle, and it’s starting to feel like it’s going to stick. I share the secret here.

10 social media travel tools

This blog post originally appeared on the Harvard Business Review. Travel budgets are under serious pressure right now. Trips that were once approved via rubber stamp now must pass through the Politburo Standing Committee to get a green light. Thankfully, a host of...