Comments vs spam

Just realized that the incessant deluge of comment spam had masked a number of comments unrelated to Viagra, porn and serial number cracks. I’ve approved a bunch of actual genuine comments tonight, some going back to 2007 ….thanks for your patience,...

How to hack your tech to-do list

Leg shaving, nail filing, face cleansing, sunscreening, brow shaping, lip conditioning ….well, it gets to be quite a bit of work. I’ve now been a computer owner for almost as long as I’ve been a magazine reader, and I’m afraid the challenges of tech maintenance are even more relentless than the challenges of beauty maintenance.

Take note of Evernote (especially if you’re an iPhone user)

Since upgrading to a 3G iPhone, I’ve gone on periodic app binges in which I download every app that looks remotely interesting and take it for a whirl. So far, the best discovery I’ve made is a free app called Evernote — and it’s changed my computer use even more dramatically than it’s affected the way I use my iPhone.